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We share your car, making your profit $$$
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Have your car inspected to receive routine maintenance from Carsana
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Pick up your car when you want it back
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2021

Chevrolet Suburban 2020

BMW i8 2020

Aston Martin DB11 2021

Start your business engines with Carsana

Your car doesn't want to spend its life locked in a garage. It longs for roaring and running free. It dreams of winning over the wildest of the winds and catching the mesmerizing miracle of dusks and dawns.
Carsana is here for you to create a consistent income by making your car happy. And here's the cherry on top: most of your vehicle regular maintenance is on us.
Light and breezy.

See some examples* below:
*calculation based on a 12-month period

Your car is in good hands
Fully insured during each trip
Collision and liability insurance are provided by a car sharing platform during each trip
Verified drivers
We take the safety of our fleet seriously and let only well verified drivers get behind the wheel.
Regular maintenance is on us
After 30 days in Carsana we are taking care of all ongoing maintenance for your vehicle including tires and batteries.
Professional detailing
We know how important is for our drivers to get a car in a perfect condition, so we are not just doing hand wash after each trip. Each car also receives treatment from a professional detailing company almost every month.
Repairs in certified facilities
If accident happens and your car must get repaired, it will be done in a time efficient way and only in certified repair facilities with a full inspection from our side before and after.
Our journey in the car sharing industry began back in 2015. We started with as little as three vehicles and grew our fleet to over 250 vehicles in 7 years providing 5 star service.
We're proud holders of the All-Star Host badge and 93% of 5 Star Reviews rating, to boot. Our mission is to share our earned knowledge with other hosts and help them achieve their goals by offering a complete fleet management solution.
Meet Carsana
5 stars review
Industry experience
Trips completed
7 years
over 20k
Carsana will take care of all aspects of the business including:
All the business is our business!
⁃ Repairs
⁃ Claims
⁃ Reservations
⁃ Maintenance
Los Angeles
129 E Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
4115 NW 28th St
Miami, FL 33142

Top Questions Answered
What is Carsana?
Carsana is a car sharing service that allows you to easily make profit from sharing your vehicle. Unlike car sharing platforms, we are doing all the hard work for you. So you just earn profit and spend your time on the things you really love to do.

Does my car fit Carsana?
Carsana welcomes all cars that meet the following requirements:

• 2015 manufacture year or newer

• Under 75k miles on the clock

• With no visible damage or major maintenance issues

• Clean title

• No open recalls

How is my profit calculated?
Your profit depends on various factors such as: year, make, model, current mileage and car condition. This is how your estimated average profit per month can look like:

2021 Porsche 911 - $2500

2021 BMW X6 – $1500

2015 Audi Q7 - $900

2019 Infiniti QX60 - $800

2018 Toyota Camry - $500

What about insurance?
During each trip your car is insured with collision and liability coverage by a car sharing platform it's making trips on. Between the trips your vehicle will be parked in a secured parking lot. However, we recommend you to keep your personal or commercial car insurance to comply with the state guidelines.

What if my car got damaged during a trip?
Carsana will take care of all repair steps from the beginning to the end including payment from insurance, repair at a certified facility, inspection before and after.
Who's in charge of maintenance?
After 30 days of sharing your car Carsana covers the cost of the following routine maintenance:

• Topping off fluids
• Oil changes
• Wiper blade replacement
• Battery replacement
• Tires rotation/replacement
• Alignment
• Fuse and light bulb replacement
• Brakes replacement
• AC or heater repair/replacement

Maintenance not mentioned is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
What is the minimum placement term?
The minimum placement term is 30 days. After you can request your car at anytime
What's the payment period?
We pay for your car monthly on the 10th day of each month.
How do I get data of my car condition?
Every month you will receive a statement from us which includes all the necessary information about the current status of your vehicle including current mileage, maintenance and repairs that were done.

We are actively working on creating an Owner's page where all the information about your vehicle will be shown in real time.

What about non-covered repairs?
We take care of all other non-covered repairs if the owner agrees to it. The owner would still be responsible for the cost of non-covered repairs, or we would just deduct the cost of non-covered repairs out of the following monthly statement.
What if my car gets a parking ticket?
You don't have to worry. If your car gets a ticket, a parking citation or any other violation happens during a trip, we are happy to take care of all the issues in a time saving manner and pay it in full or transfer non-liability to avoid undesirable situations for you.
What cities does Carsana operate in?
Currently Carsana operates in Los Angeles and Miami.
Can I join Carsana if I'm a Turo host?
Definitely yes. Let us be your co-host and take control of all the processes and help you maximize your profit. In most cases it means guarantee profit and a free time for a car owner. You don't need to meet a guest anymore or doing a car wash. You will just earn guarantee profit and will be enjoying your free time.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.
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