Share for more than 12 month and get guarantee payment of $7500
#1 co-host car sharing service
1. List your car
2. Schedule you car pick up
3. We list it for 30+ days
4. You get a $500 bonus no matter what
How it works?
You get a $500 bonus no matter what
Share for more than 12 month and get guarantee payment of $7500
#1 co-host car sharing service
1. List your car
2. Schedule you car pick up
3. We list it for 30+ days
4. You get a $500 bonus no matter what
How it works?
$500 bonus!
Tell us about you car.
Carsana is a service for people and small businesses who are looking for ways to earn consistent income for their cars. We do the work, you get guaranteed money to use for whatever is most important to you. We also take care of most routine maintenance for free. That's easy.
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Tell us about you car.
Let your car make money for you!
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About us
We start our journey in car sharing industry back in 2015, with 3 vehicles from the beginning we grow our fleet to over 100 vehicles in 5 years. Based in Los Angeles CA we become one of the main team who provide 5 star quality service on a main car sharing platform. We always keeping All-Star host badge and 91% of 5 star review rating with combination of high payouts we decide to share our knowledge with other hosts and help them achieved they goals by offer a complete fleet management solution.
Reasons to work with us
more money — no hassle
Increase profitability
up to 40% increase in sales.
Save time
Save your time by outsourcing your Turo routine.
Secure your car
We keep an eye on your vehicle 24/7
Grow faster
Focus on getting more vehicles than on a boring routin.
Less hussle
No stress - good life
Get paid in full
Don't miss any rental or claim payment
Let your car make money for you!
#1 co-host car sharing service
Tell us about you car.
1 . Tell us about your car
2. You bring your car to us.
3. Your vehicle start making a profit.
How it works?
1. Profit: 50/50. Income - Service expenses / 2
2. Credit card on file
3. Payouts on the 10th of the next month
4. 1-month min term agreement with auto-renewal. Last as long as before cancel by Carsana or Owner.
5. Early termination fee $375
6. We can't give a car back if we have active or future reservations for up to 30 days.
7. The car returns back to the owner only with at least 1 month notice.
8. The customer can get a car back without notice at any time before 1st reservation was made.
9. If no upcoming reservations customer can get back vehicle right away.
11. Access to GPS on a car must be reassigned to Carsana.
12. The owner must keep his full coverage insurance on his car.
13. Owners give Carsana permission to use aftermarket parts in services or repairs
14. If life of brakes, oil, filters or other service parts less than 20% owner must fix that before we accept a car to our fleet. If less than 50% the owner will be responsible for pay for it when service is due
15. The vehicle must be under factory or extended warranty.
16. The car must be in a good condition. Without interior and exterior damages.
FAQ Carsana
1. What is Carsana and how does it work?
⁃ Carsana is a car sharing service that allows you to profit from your vehicle without doing anything. Carsana is doing all work for you - Sales, Maintenance and Repairs.
2. Is my car fit for Carsana?
⁃ We accept all premium brand vehicles with following requirements:
• 2015 or newer with fewer than 50k miles
• With no visible damage or major maintenance issues
• Have a clean title
• Have no open recalls

3. How much profit I can make?
⁃ Your profit depends on verity of factors, such as vehicle, region and market season.

4. What about insurance?
⁃ Each reservation your car is fully insured by a car sharing platform. Between reservations it will be parked at secure parking lot. You will still need to keep your personal or commercial insurance to comply with state guidelines.
5. What if my car got damaged during a reservation. What will Carsana handle?
⁃ Carsana will handle all process for you from communication and documents to repairs and getting your car back to work. All that included in our fees.
6. What about Maintenance?
⁃ Carsana will cover the cost of certain limited routine maintenance on your car including:
• Topping off fluids
• Oil changes
• Filling up air in tires
• Wiper blade replacement
• Battery replacement
• Tire rotations/replacements
• Fuse and light bulb replacements

Higher Mileage maintenance: Carsana will cover this type of maintenance if your car has accrued 15,000 miles or more on our platform.
• Brake changes
• Transmission replacement
• Broken A/C or heat

Maintenance items not mentioned are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

7. What is the minimum term I can share my car?
⁃ The minimum term at least 30 days , but you get more benefits if you choose our 12 months program.
8. How is my profit calculated?
You can see how is your profit avg here.

2017 Porsche Macan - $1180 per month

2019 Mercedes E450 - $1270 per month

2021 BMW X6 - $1470 per month

2015 BMW 330i - $870 per month

2018 Lexus IS300 - $750 per month
9. When do I get my payment?
Payouts in the 10th of each month.
10. What cities Carsana operates?
Carsana currently operates in Los Angeles and Miami.
11. How do I get all info about my reservation?
You will receive statement from us each month with all information regarding your vehicle performance.
12. I'm a current Turo host can you manage my cars for me?
Yes, let us be your co-host and help you maximize your profit.
What kind of work we do?
Pick Up, Drop Off, & Upkeep on Us. We'll pick up and drop off your car at your house and coordinate routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations) on your behalf*.

*Pick up/drop off range limited to within a 50-mile radius of the Carsana lot after 30 days of sharing.